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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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are not commenting saying it is a personnel matter. but guns are issued to police cadets as part of their training prior to being sworn in as full-fledged officers. and sources say losing the weapon can lead to the cadet's termination if his actions were found to be negligent. the latest cadet class will graduate this weekend in san jose. unknown if this particular cadet was part of that graduating class. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. this is the latest in a string of incidents involving stolen law enforcement weapons. in july, a gun stolen from a federal ranger's car in san francisco was later usedded to kill kate steinle on pier 14. the city's now trying to make it more difficult for weapons to fall into the wrong hands. a new proposal would require any gun left unattended in a vehicle to be locked in the trunk or a lock box. that would apply to everyone. >> we have to make it
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inconvenient for people to carry weapons whether it's in their cars, whether it's in their homes, any gun anywhere is a danger to society everywhere. >> the board of supervisors' public safety committee took up the measure today. if it passes the full board, violators could face six months in jail or a $10,000 fine. the three drifters accused in a pair of bay area murders allegedly stole their gun from an unlocked car. morrison lampley, sean angold and lila alligood appeared in marin county courtroom today. they entered not guilty pleas. they are accused of killing a backpacker in golden gate park and a therapist on a hiking trail near fairfax last month. the trio will be back in court in may. they could face the death penalty if convicted. a united airlines plane en route to hawaii returned to sfo today. it was supposed to land in kona this afternoon but there was a
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cabin cooling problem forcing the plane to turn back. we are told the plane was never in any danger. the 757 aircraft made a safe landing. united says they are working to accommodate all 206 passengers that were on board that plane. in the meantime confusion and alarm at l.a.x. today after an off-duty pilot tried to hitch a free ride. it all started when the pilot uniform but not on the clock boarded a new york-bound plane. the off-duty pilot spoke to an airport employee before boarding but that employee didn't realize the pilot was traveling as a passenger. it sparked a brief search by the bomb squad. a discarded cell phone helped investigators track down the alleged ringleader of the paris terror attacks. the phone found near a bloodied concert hall led authorities to abdelhamid abaaoud's cousin and then to a suburban paris apartment. that is where both of them died in the hail of bullets and
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explosions. reporter erin mclaughlin is live in paris and even with the breakthrough the battle against isis is far from over. erin. reporter: good evening, allen. the so-called ringleader may have been declared dead but the hunt is still on for the only known suspect to have survived the paris attacks, 26-year-old salah abdeslam. he was last seen driving towards belgium and the search for him has expanded across europe. the ringleader suspected of orchestrating the terrorist attacks in paris is now dead. >> with the death of this individual, the enterprise investigation as the fbi calls it is to take down the network. >> reporter: french authorities announced abdelhamid abaaoud was killed during an intense seven hour raid with police in a paris suburb wednesday. abaaoud had reportedly been involved in four previous foiled plots prior to last friday's horrific assault.
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presidential candidate hillary clinton spoke out about combatting the "islamic state." >> it's time to begin a new phase and intensify and broaden our efforts to smash the would- be caliphate and deny isis control of territory inck are and syria. >> reporter: with isis now threatening more attacks worldwide u.s. lawmakers are called for a block on syrian refugees. today the house overwhelmingly approved a built to halt syrian and iraqi refugees from entering the u.s. until key security agencies certify those refugees don't pose a security risk. the white house has said it will veto it. despite the terrorist attacks, france is insisting that its doors remain open to refugees some 30,000 refugees from syria expected over the next two years. french president francois hollande says the country needs to be remaining one of freedom. back to you. >> erin mclaughlin in paris,
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thank you. well, video was published today on a an isis forum points to a new target, the white house. the six minute video features unidentified jihadists celebrating the recent attacks on paris. then warning president obama and french president francois hollande to expect more strikes. it surfaced one day after another isis video hinted at an attack on new york's times square. the state department says rome may be another potential target. new video shows a robber sneaking around a home in hercules. it happened yesterday afternoon. the homeowner watched this video on his cell phone while he was at work. police were notified by the alarm company but the suspect managed to get away with some jewelry. police in fremont are investigating an armed home robbery that left a family terrified! it happened tuesday night on cougar circle east of mission boulevard in fremont. kpix 5's devin fehely has been following the case. devin. >> reporter: yeah, fremont police say they can't say for
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sure whether or not this family was targeted or if this was a ran dom crime. but they say -- random crime. but they say what's certain is there is little to prevent the gunman from trying again short of catching him. fremont police say the suspects rushed the victim as he arrived home tuesday night forcing him inside at gunpoint. the gunman then held them hostage for nearly an hour as they ransacked and robbed the home. >> you think you're secluded in your nice upperrer middle class area but you're not. >> reporter: he was a vij particular of a home in-- he was a victim of a home invasion robbery in this neighborhood 10 years ago. he can only imagine how terrified the victims were when the gunmen ordered them to lay on the ground while they searched the home for valuables. >> burglars or thieves think they can, you know, people have a lot of jewelry or things in the homes and i think that's why they target this area. >> reporter: detectives say it's not clear if the family
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was targeted. the gunmen disguised their identities with ski masks and gloves. police are canvassing the neighborhood for video. neighbors were shocked by the brazenness and brutality of the crime. >> shocked to hear about this crime. i haven't heard of anything else in -- happening like this in the neighborhood. sorry for the people to whom it happened. i hope that we can take some methods to prevent this kind of thing from happening. >> reporter: the neighborhood has a contract with a private security company which could be seen patrolling the area. now, investigators say the gunmen forced the three victims into a closet and then made their getaway. in fremont, devin fehely, kpix 5. a water main break in san francisco created a rather impressive waterfall. take a look. the gushing water taking it over a pedestrian stairway in the city's corona heights neighborhood near the castro.
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we are hearing that a tree may be to blame. the water department says the roots may have compromised the 4" residential water main. it is a first for food. genetically modified salmon coming soon to your plate. scientists are saying it's safe, critics call it frankenfish. why you might not even realize it's on your plate. >> this thief has his sights set on pricy shades. not even a brave bay area store clerk can stop him. but this video might. >> looking good outside right now. look at that sky! just fantastic! from our mount vaca cam, hit the 70s day today. why am i talking about the coldest weather since january? find out when it's coming, coming up. >> it's a holiday tradition at kpix 5. we are minutes away from launching our "food for bay area families" campaign. how you can help thousands of families put food on their tables this season. ,,,,
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. area this afternoon. the 2-point-7 magnitude qua
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struck just before two o'cl. a small earthquake shook pleasant hill this afternoon. the 2.7:quarterback struck just before 2:00. did you feel it? plenty of people did. in fact, one woman called to tell us it felt like a truck hit her house! no reports of damage. san francisco police are looking for a man who stole $1,000 of high-end sunglasses. surveillance video captures the robber as he strolls into the polk street store. it happened last wednesday. the store clerk tries to stop the man but can't stand in his way as he goes straight for the pricy eyewear case. police now say two women who robbed a bank in dublin are behind bars. one of the suspects was just 17 years old. the pair hit the bank of america branch on dublin boulevard monday. they had passed a note and threatened to hurt the teller's family. the two and a man were arrested tuesday after a brief car chase in modesto. saddened to the search for a missing napa county jet skier. crews discovered the body of
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the 48-year-old woman this morning. she was last seen wednesday night on the napa river near the brazos bridge. authorities say she suffered head trauma. >> it was major damage to the jet ski. early indications might suggest that maybe she collided with the brazos bridge itself. >> investigators say kelly may was taking her jet ski from her home to a trailer at a boat launch when the accident that happened. a new kind of salmon coming to a supermarket near you. the fish that could be a game changer for the food industry. and why you might not even know you're eating it. >> the raiders player learns his fate for a bizarre pre-game and the that involved barking at a police dog -- rant that involved barking at a police dog. ,,,,
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modified salmon. consumer watch's julie watts says...u it is a food first. today the fda-approved the sale of genetically modified salmon. you soon could be eating it and not know it. consumerwatch reporter julie watts reports. reporter: some call it frankenfish. others a great new source of healthy food. today the fda is officially called genetically modified salmon fitted for human consumption. >> i'm not too keen on that. the it's weird. >> reporter: the cops from a canada company which will hatch the eggs in canada and ship them to panama to be farmed and
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eventually sell the fish filets here in the u.s. >> there's been a lot of pressure to get this one approved. >> reporter: patty of food and water watch isn't happy about it. she is concerned there's not enough evidence the fish are safe and worries the salmon genetically engineered to grow twice as fast as normal fish will ultimately alter the ecosystem. >> this is crossing boundaries that you couldn't cross before. so in the case of the particular fish, they took genetic material from an eel and different salmon species and put them in the genetic code. >> it's about time. >> reporter: the center for science in the public interest says it's been studied for years and there's no evidence of a health risk. >> science today suggests this genetically engineered salmon is no different than its counterpart. >> reporter: but he says the company selling the gm fish should make it clear to consumers something that is not required by the fda. the genetically modified fish don't have to be labeled. >> as a consumer i certainly
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want to know what i'm getting. >> it's sneaky. it shouldn't be that way. >> look for wild salmon because that is one way to know for sure that it's not genetically engineered. >> reporter: now, the company says the fish could be on store shelves in two years although critics plan to fight the decision. the fda says today's approval requires the salmon be raised in land-based contained tanks. so there's little chance that they can escape. also the fish are bred to be sterile so if they did escape, they won't breed. >> it's just transparency. as long as the consumer knows what they are getting and wants that. >> right. basically, the fda is not mandating that it be labeled so it's up to companies to tell consumers whether or not it is. >> that's scary. >> couple of years? >> couple of years. >> yeah. >> all right. >> and it won't be a lot right away. it will be, you know -- incremental increases over the next probably decade or so. >> thank you. raiders linebacker ray-ray armstrong not going to face
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criminal charges for a pre-game rant directed at a police dog. it happened in pittsburgh before the raiders played the steelers this month. the sheriff's office had said armstrong lifted his shirt beat his chest and taunted the dog. pennsylvania authorities say it was not a crime but it did create some problems. the dog had to be taken out of service after the incident. investigators in los angeles say the fatal shooting of a police officerrer was the result of a botched robbery. 29-year-old downey police officer ricardo galvez was sitting in his personal car in plainclothes last night when he was gunned down. police say the suspect wanted to rob him. two men and 17-year-old boy were arrested today in connection with the murder. and the former face of subway jared fogle was sentenced to nearly 16 years in prison. he admitted to trading in child porn and having sex with underaged prostitutes. fogle showed little emotion as the judge handed down his sentence. he will also pay each of his
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victims 1 $00,000. square made a splash -- 1 $00,000. square made a splash on wall street. it soared in its stock market debut today. shares opened more than $2 above the $9 ipo price. the stock briefly approached $15 before settling in at $13.07 but that translated to a nearly $300 million payday for ceo jack dorsey. on his birthday no less. yeah, happy birthday. dorsey who also runs twitter holds more than $1.5 billion in stock between the two companies. his 39th birthday. the strong showing from square not enough to keep wall street out of the red. stocks were down today on several disappointing earnings report. vancouver canada is being added to the international destination roster. air canada officials made the announcement today. the two daily flights will take off starting next may. earlier this year another company launched its first
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nonstop flight to beijing. >> before that we are going to bring in some weather from vancouver. cold, going to change. >> going to feel like vancouver. mid-70s outside for some areas today. >> gorgeous! >> this time next week, which you will probably be enjoying a meal with your family on thanksgiving, mid-50s! >> oh, and rain, right? >> and a little bit of rainfall. less rain, more cold. it's going to be a significant weather change. we are talking about some of the coldest weather we have seen since the second week of january. 'tis the season. we are heading toward thanksgiving. here we go. 68 in oakland. livermore 65. san jose 64. santa rosa 68 degrees. but forget about the numbers. look at the sky right now from oakland looking back towards san francisco. you go outside your house in the next half-hour and look toward the west you will be plenty pleased. now warm today mid-70s. is that anywhere close to our november record highs? no. we have been as hot as 9 the 0 in livermore -- 90 in livermore. 86 in san francisco. 92 for santa rosa. it will be warm for the next couple of days but nowhere near any records.
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tonight no 30s. mid-40s for napa fairfield and concord san jose 47. san francisco 52. lots going on this weekend including the 118th rendition of the big game. cal, stanford this one at stanford stadium. clear skies beautiful evening for football. 62 degrees saturday night. the reason why we have been sunny we'll continue to, we have been warm and will continue to, is this mild dry pattern keeping the moisture up to the north away from us for now. we are going to be warm through the weekend three more days friday, saturday, sunday highs in the 70s with mainly sunny skies. next week, not even close! cold front comes in tuesday night. wednesday will be the chance of showers. the latest computer models are saying if we get .10" of rain that would be a ton. it's very dry with this front. so we'll still keep the scattered showers in on wednesday. we hop on the other side of the front, we will say hello to winter. highs going from the 70s to the mid-50s and overnight lows will likely drop below freezing
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anywhere away from the water beginning thanksgiving night. it's going to be chilly next weekend. mainly clear, cool, tonight. sunny and mild through the weekend but much colder weather is moving in next week. so enjoy the 70s if that's your thing. you will have it for a couple more days. san jose 70. three degrees above average. los gatos 73. union city 68 degrees tomorrow. friday in san ramon sunshine, 722. antioch 72. pleasant hill 72. mild afternoon in san francisco. 67. san leandro 68. 76 in napa tomorrow. 78 in windsor. even ukiah sunshine tomorrow 70 degrees in mendocino county. we'll stay mild and now sunny through the weekend. that's a change. we'll keep the sunshine around through sunday. the process begins to change on monday with cloudier cooler weather but it really takes its stride beginning wednesday with highs only in the 50s. and thanksgiving highs only in the mid-50s with mainly clear skies and very cold nights. that is your kpix 5 forecast. i'm juliette goodrich in berkeley at the whole foods
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market. we want to tell you how you can help out people in the bay area who are going hungry. one in five people goes to the alameda county community food bank. these bins here set up at the market are just one way to help. coming up i'll tell you other ways that you can help. ,, @ ,,,,,,,,,,
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whole kpix 5 is kicking off our "food for bay area families" drive to fight hunger this holiday season. every year, we team up with whole foods market to help tens of thousands of bay area families and kpix 5's juliette goodrich at whole foods in berkeley to tell us all about it. juliette? >> hi, allen. it's that time of year. whoer we are. this is our 14th annual food drive. kpix 5 partnering with whole foods market and also the alameda county community food bank. just check out these bins here that are set up at all the whole foods markets throughout the bay area. cereal, peanut butter, nonperishables. you can put any items in this barrel to give. ruby is here to tell us how customers can help, as well. >> absolutely.
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so customers can come to our registers and donate money there or they can purchase non- perishable food items and place them and donate them directly into our bins in all the stores in the bay area. >> to talk about the news is susan from the alameda county food bank. it's staggering to hear that one in five people are served through your food pantries alone. >> mostly children and seniors and what many people don't know is most of our customers have jobs that aren't making enough to make ends meet. >> and so they come to the pantries and they use this as their own resource to help out, right? >> we're their grocery store. so it's really great to have the help during this season. we need to bring in as much food as we can to get people through the critical winter months. >> we are talking about nonperishables. if you come through and see the barrels here at the whole foods market, and really, it really can make your dollars stretch. if you donate money they checkout, one dollar can be $6. they can stretch it to $6 in food. so they know how to stretch that money and any dollar helps. we want to give you some information how you can help.
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at the job p donate online or at whole foods markets. they will appreciate anything you can give for the alameda community food bank. back to you guys. tonight, jill schlesinger looks at the job perk that many employees value more than money. reporter: unlimited vacation time, on site child care, free food, these perks are a reality at some companies. but employees say there's one benefit that trumps them all, flexibility. in a survey by staffing if your modus, more than 50% of those surveyed chose flexible workiors as the perk they most desired. flexibility can mean a va right of things from working at home to not having to be in the office at the same time each day. in many cases, this flexibility is more important than money. job site glass door found that 79% of employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a
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pay increase. this was particularly important to women and younger employees. these younger employees say that ideally they would like to telecommute full time. but the average telecommuters 49 years old, college educated, and earns more than $65,000 a year. that's because increasingly, these positions are not relegated to customer service or administrative work. instead, it's often managers and even executives that have the corner on flexibility. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,, ,,,,,,
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coming up at 6:00, new at 6:00, they are being forced out of their homes. now dozens of east bay families are looking for a new place to live as their city scrambles to close a major loophole. >> and fleeing the crisis in syria. we talked to a refugee who made it all the way here to the bay area. join us for those stories coming up tonight at 6:00, guys. >> all right, ken, see you then, thanks. enjoy the warmth while we have it. >> yes. >> it won't last. >> this week's weather will be a whole different ballgame from next week. the seven-day forecast shows a big cooldown, mid-70s the next couple of days, quite warm. by the end of the seven-day forecast, bam, thanksgiving day, it's perfect. get the fireplace going. enjoy a nice meal with the family. maybe play a little football outside after the meal. it will be in the 50s for highs and thanksgiving night if this forecast verifies we'll likely see temperatures below freezing away from the water. >> but 76 tomorrow. so enjoy it. >> we got that. all right. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: the f.b.i. says it's following dozens of people capable of carrying out a paris- style assault in the u.s. also tonight, the suspected mastermind of the paris attacks is a threat no more. he's dead. americans who helped liberate iraq are returning to fight isis. >> we didn't fight and die for nothing. >> pelley: and some reflections on the beauty of a city. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the terror attacks in paris and the isis threat of an attack in new york city have a lot of americans worrying: could we be next?


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